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Although we’re experts, we’re not mind-readers. The reason PTS achieves success is because we hear what our clients want from day one, then execute against the plans in order to get there. READ MORE >


Value Creation.

What PTS does is in our name: our contracting services enable us to build – anything and everything. But we’re not only developing structures. Our team delivers business value for each client. READ MORE >



Consistency and Candor.

Age is a wonderful thing. It provides wisdom, experience and reliability. Youth also offers great attributes. Our team is a wonderful combination that brings all to the table, every day. READ MORE >


Cross-industry clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut depend on our Services for Value, Excellence and Safety.

Our commitment to value, excellence and safety are the fundamentals of our business – and we believe the building blocks in support of our clients’ endeavors, as well.

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Getting started…

Pre-construction management is possibly the most important of all commercial construction services.

This service provides one of the greatest values from both an operational, as well as a capital standpoint. It delivers cost and time-saving benefits by reducing potential overrun of materials and resources, both of which are frequent sources of delays and financial mismanagement.

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In the weeds…

PTS Contracting works alongside those who bring the greatest value to our clients: designers, project architects and all necessary subcontractors.

Rest assured knowing that our team stays current in all areas of safety, quality control, equipment and yard support for tools and vehicles, accounting, and insurance. We also provide active, hands-on senior level guidance for all project management interpretations and field support Q&A.

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There’s no “I” in team…

Depending on the project scope, PTS Design-Build Commercial Contractors develop a team that may include architects, builders, engineers, estimators, and other members of the construction community.

The contractor, designers, subcontractors and owner work together as one team to build a project that meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. Team members focus on communication, collaboration and problem-solving together, rather than pointing fingers and placing blame. Everyone works toward one unified goal: successful project completion.

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Finishing touches…

Your business location is an entryway to your brand, and therefore should reflect a certain sense of style when clients, prospective employees, or investors/partners walk through your door.

Let the PTS Contracting team of professionals transform the space you’ve selected for your company.

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