Pre-Construction Management

Q. What are the building blocks of a successful project?
A. Inclusive planning.

A well-coordinated construction plan reduces risk by enabling predictability.

PTS Contracting doesn’t like surprises, so we follow standards and safety measures from day one of the planning process to guarantee when game-time begins, i.e. “construction in the field”, all bases have been covered. Engaging an experienced pre-construction management team during the conception phase of project design may seem like an extra step, to some, but they would be WRONG. This service provides one of the greatest values from both an operational, as well as a capital standpoint. It delivers cost and time-saving benefits by reducing potential overrun of materials and resources, both of which are frequent sources of delays and financial mismanagement. Pre-construction management is possibly the most important of all commercial construction services.

Our Pre-Construction Management Services include:

  • Secure permits, manage your budget, review proper material selections and confirms schedules
  • In advance of construction kick-off, check as-built conditions, dimensions and state of existing surfaces scheduled to be repurposed
  • Review drawings in an effort to coordinate and effectively communicate with primary consultants
  • Perform value engineering for alternative materials and methods – because there’s never only one way to get a job done

Additionally, our Pre-Construction Management Services drilldown on the following:

  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Constructability review and commentary
  • Construction phasing, sequencing, and site logistics
  • Design review and team meetings
  • Document coordination
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Pre-ordering of long lead-time items
  • Project budgets and estimates
  • Project schedules (includes pre-construction activities)
  • Subcontractor preparation and packaging
  • Value engineering

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how our Pre-Construction Management Services can benefit you.