Complete General Contracting Services

Q. Does a federated model work in the construction industry?
A. Absolutely.

Not only do you want your vision to become a reality, but you also want to ensure all technical, safety, and regulatory aspects of the project are adequately addressed.

Therefore, we offer a seamless transition between Pre-Construction Management and our General Construction Services.

Some contractors subscribe to a decentralized model where responsibilities for a project are fully distributed – resulting in limited visibility with minimal accountability. That doesn’t work for us. PTS adheres to more of a partner model whereby we work alongside those who bring the greatest value to our client. We’re not afraid to get in the trenches with clients, designers, project architects and all necessary subcontractors. That’s how we’ve built – and continue to build – our relationships.

Highlighted features include:

  • Team organization and communication (includes regular coordination meetings and status briefings)
  • Schedule monitoring to ensure your project stays on target (includes inspections and permit processing)
  • Advanced management systems and training (includes our updated Project Management Database)

PTS Contracting stays current in all areas of safety, quality control, equipment and yard support for tools and vehicles, accounting, and insurance. Our services also provide active, hands-on senior level guidance for all project management interpretations and field support Q&A.

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PTS Contracting leverages various management tools for information distribution, and overall project command and control. In an effort to ensure the flow of accurate data is maintained, PTS must remain the most organized member of the contracting team at all times. Our Project Management database, built on the Microsoft Access® platform, allows us to track and link all information processes and systems together, so nothing is ever overlooked. The word “forgotten” does not exist in our vocabulary.

The following project logs are linked within the database and utilized by our teams:

  • Biweekly Project Management Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Cost Control Log
  • Material Procurement and Delivery Schedules
  • Rental Equipment Log for General Conditions and Self-Performed Work
  • RFI Log
  • Subcontract Log for Each Trade
  • Submittal Log and Submittal Forecast Listing by CSI Division

Other Management Tools within our project management processes include:

  • Complete Project Safety Program and Site Specific Safety Manual
  • CPM Schedule and Updates
  • Short Interval Schedules
  • Project Superintendent and Project Engineer Daily Reports
  • Subcontract Paperwork Status Report

Excellent quality monitoring not only allows the avoidance of expensive delays, it also ensures that a method is being followed to complete a project through a set of calculated procedures. There is a sense of protection conveyed when planned and systematic activities are implemented in a quality system, which results in requirements being fulfilled.

Trust is created. Value is generated. Results become repeatable.

These attributes are priceless in the construction industry.

They are paramount to PTS Contracting.

Driving every process from day one, PTS Contracting relies on Critical Path Method Scheduling. Effectively using the CPM Scheduling method is key to ensuring that projects move along without delay and don’t get pushed back due to unforeseen changes at the most critical points during a project.

We consider CPM Scheduling one of the most important pieces of our entire construction process. We develop and maintain the required reporting tools to manage and track resource demand and address staffing requirements, earned value, change management, look-ahead schedules, “what-ifs” scenarios, and executive management reports on project health and progress.

“Yesterday’s time is gone forever and will never come back. Time is, therefore, always in exceedingly short supply.”
– Peter Drucker, Management Expert

“Time is money and lost time equates to lost profits.” – Everyone else is business.

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